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Tree pruning company in Mallorca

At Tecnojardí i paisatgisme, SL we are also dedicated to pruning and felling trees, whatever their species.

We have qualified personnel who will advise you on the convenience of carrying out an intervention according to the particular season. We use the most appropriate material in each environment to guarantee a service of the highest quality and safety of our actions (EPIS, RC Insurance,...).


  • Pruning and brushing of all species of palm trees: DATE, WASHINGTON, CANARY, TROPICAL....

  • Sanitation pruning due to RED WEEVIL attack

  • Pruning and felling of trees in general    

  • forest cleaning 

Tree pruning in Mallorca is an essential task, since this facilitates the formation, lighting and aeration of the tree canopy. That is why here we offer you our staff specialized in felling and pruning trees, palm trees and pines of different species.

In the case of pines in particular, it is often said that they do not need to be pruned, however, this is a serious mistake. In fact, in certain circumstances it is necessary to prune these trees because there may be risks of uprooting and therefore their fall.


However, this is not the only thing to keep in mind, since not pruning a tree can lead to diseases or pests . This means that it is not something simply aesthetic, but something that can take care of the health of the plants. Here we specialize in olive pruning, lemon pruning, height pruning, palm pruning, etc.

Importance of hiring our professional tree pruning services in Mallorca

Just as we mentioned, pruning is not a job that is done for purely aesthetic reasons, but there are other reasons. For example, we have safety pruning, which is usually one of the most common in urban trees . In the case of communities where there are large trees, this type of pruning is very important.


We also have pruning for health reasons, this means that diseased wood or wood infested with insects is removed. At the same time, the crown is thinned to improve ventilation, reduce pest problems or various reasons related to the health of the plant. Thanks to this, it is possible to stimulate the development of a corpulent structure in the trees and to reduce the chances of damage due to inclement weather.

At the same time we have pruning for aesthetic reasons , which are very useful when it comes to garden design for individuals, hotels or communities. This type of pruning is perfect for open-grown trees, because they spontaneously lose very little foliage.

Request your budget for arborist tree care felling and pruning in Mallorca

Just as we have mentioned here, we offer you a specialized felling and pruning service in Mallorca for palm trees, pines and other trees. At the same time, a height pruning service is offered, a service that is especially aimed at palm trees and pines, since these plants usually grow quite large and professionals are needed to take care of the entire process.

Tree pruning is a constant maintenance, so we invite you to request a quote without any commitment. In this way you can know the price that we offer you according to your case. We remind you that we work with individuals, hotels, communities, etc.

Not all budgets are the same, since this depends on the work that has to be done. However, we strive to adapt to your needs and bring you a reasonable price so that you do not have to spend more than necessary.



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