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Gardening Services in Mallorca

Offering gardening services in Mallorca is what we love to do, and we love to see your gardens well cared for. Here we offer the best gardening service, with a good track record in the sector and we specialize in gardening, felling and pruning at heights, installation of grass sod and gardening in general.

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Why hire Mallorca gardening services?

It is no secret to anyone that the garden is one of the most visible parts of a home, in fact, it invites you to have a good break and to live together. This means that you have to take care of it and for this you have to hire a Mallorca gardening company . These are specialists in their work and they know very well what they are doing, so they will keep your garden in the best possible condition.


Remember well that caring for the garden is not only caring for plants, there are many more aspects that must be taken care of. So when hiring a gardening company in Mallorca you will be offered several gardening services such as:

  • Plantations.

  • Ecological gardens.

  • Clearing of plots.

  • Construction of gardens.

  • Garden maintenance.

  • LED lighting in gardens.

  • Artificial grass installation.

  • Turf installation on sods.

  • Felling and pruning of tall trees.

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As you can see , gardening jobs in Mallorca are quite varied and not only include the maintenance of gardens and green spaces. But it covers other garden care that is important if we want to keep it in the best conditions.


TECNOJARDI I PAISATGISME, SL, is a young company that has qualified personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Is about  a Majorcan company, run by 2 Agricultural Engineers, specializing in comprehensive gardening services, both in the field of design and construction, and in maintenance.

Our main objective is to improve daily and obtain a high level of quality through sustainable gardening. For this we put all our effort into personalized treatment, rapid adaptation to the needs and requirements of each client, always thinking of their benefit and savings.

We guarantee an agile and versatile service thanks to our professional and qualified staff, and to the availability of the appropriate machinery, which leads to high efficiency in all gardening work.

The quality of our services is essential for TECNOJARDI, which is why we take care of every detail.

At TECNOJARDI, we care about the environment and the health of our employees, which is why we comply with all current regulations.
The greatest guarantee that supports our work is the trust and loyalty of our customers.

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Hire gardening companies in Palma de Mallorca

There are many people who like to take care of their gardens , which is why many of them take care of doing it on their own. However, this is not always possible, as garden care includes many aspects. It is just as we mentioned before, gardening work in Mallorca does not only include planting trees, but it encompasses many more details.


So if we do not have experience in garden care, it is very likely that we will have many problems when trying to maintain it. But if we hire a professional gardening service company, this problem will not arise, since they are professionals who will help you with all its maintenance.


In fact, these companies have a staff made up of specialist gardeners in the area to take care of all the gardening work. But not only that, but they will also give you advice so that you can take care of your garden yourself without much inconvenience.

Rest assured that this will help you save a lot of money, since the better care you give your garden, the longer you will have to wait to hire a gardening service in Mallorca. We will be delighted to help you restore your garden to all its splendor and color. In addition, all at the best price, we assure you that you will not have to spend a lot of money to take care of your garden.

We work with the best suppliers of machinery and accessories in the sector

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