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Landscaping Services in Mallorca

Surely you are already convinced that you want to create a beautiful garden that attracts a lot of attention and for this you need to hire a landscaping specialist in Mallorca. That is precisely what we offer you here.


We are complete professionals in landscaping design, so we assure you of a fairly high level of quality. Regardless of whether you want to modify the visible, physical and emotional characteristics of a space. In this way we managed to create beautiful landscape environments .

We remind you that to do so we take into account the natural elements of a space. That is why the first visit we offer you is free, because we must evaluate how your garden is to bring the vision you have thought to reality. All this without ever losing sight of weather conditions and natural or artificial lighting.


Our professionals dedicated to landscaping put their skills and creative vision, so that your vision can be embodied. So we make sure to make a thorough study of the exterior space of the property, since this is essential for the design of the garden , as well as its lighting.


At Tecnojardí i Paisatgisme, SL we have a specialized technical team to carry out any personalized gardening project that adapts to the needs and tastes of each client.


We make detailed budgets, plans in 2 and 3 dimensions, AUTOCAD plans and planting plans.  

We are specialists in the design and execution of gardens with the idea that they are unique and unrepeatable. We focus on the tastes of each client, whether individual or company ALWAYS  working on planting species that we trust and that bring charisma and style to the final composition.  

In our designs, the plants are the protagonists of the garden and their choice is made according to the use that each client has to cover both the enjoyment and the needs of the plants.

What can we offer you? Landscape and garden supplies

In addition to our specialized staff, here we give you the possibility of bringing the vision you have for your garden to reality. In other words, we offer you the possibility of designing a gardening and landscaping project.


All this regardless of whether it is rehabilitation, renovation or creation , here we are going to accompany you.

Our goal is to be able to fulfill your vision for your garden, so we work on every aspect of your garden. In this way we make sure to decorate your garden just as you imagined it, to show off a beautiful garden.

Garden decoration by the experts, Mediterranean landscape design


Decorating our garden can be a bit complicated if we do not have a clear idea of what we want to achieve. However, we help you choose the best design for your garden and that is that with our first visit, we are going to offer you a proposal. Just as its name indicates, it is only a proposal, so it can be modified according to your tastes and the budget you have.

We want to be sure to offer you the best possible service, since the garden is one of the most visible areas we have. This means that we cannot ignore it and neglect its city, it is quite the opposite, we must pay close attention to ensure that it is a space in which it provokes being.


The process of designing a garden begins with a 1st FREE VISIT in which the needs of the client are assessed in order to offer them a proposal.

Once a project is commissioned, the design is presented that includes the pertinent modifications according to tastes  and the elaboration of a budget adjusted to each client.

Finally, we offer you the possibility of executing and supplying all the elements that will make up the garden.
And, of course, once the garden is finished, the client can count on Tecnojardí i Paisatgisme, SL to take care of the maintenance of the gardens we build.

Ask for your budget without obligation

As you can see, we offer you a personalized service so that you can create the garden of your dreams. From here we invite you to request your budget without any commitment, so you can fulfill your dream of turning your garden into a unique place where everyone wants to be.


Rest assured that it is not a decision that you are going to regret, it is quite the opposite, it is a wise decision and the best of all is that we adapt to your needs and budget. 

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