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Phytosanitary Treatment Services in Mallorca

We offer you all preventive and curative treatments for pests and diseases in your garden, always with the utmost respect for the environment and with doses recommended and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Balearic Islands.

All treatments are supervised by an Agricultural Engineer, in addition to having personnel with experience and qualifications for the application of phytosanitary products.

We offer you an integrated management system to combat all types of plant pests based on prevention, pest identification, decision-making according to tolerance, combination of control measures and evaluation of chosen strategies.

In order to keep our garden in perfect condition, it is necessary to carry out phytosanitary treatments . Remember that this is precisely what guarantees that all plants and trees remain free of any pests and insects. Keep in mind that if you don't, these pests will end up damaging the plants in your garden.

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We know that you do not want this, since it is not at all aesthetic to have plants withered or ruined by pests. This is something that takes away a lot or all the beauty of our garden, and that is why you should always contact a professional. Therefore, our specialized service in this area offers you specialists in phytosanitary treatments in Mallorca.

Why hire our services? Certificate of phytosanitary treatment

Just as we have mentioned, our goal is to keep your garden in perfect condition and this obviously implies taking care of the plants that are in it. So our goals are clear, to begin with, we are going to eradicate plant and tree diseases . With this, what we achieve is to improve the resistance of the vegetation in the area and minimize the risks of fruits and diseases.


Keep in mind that this treatment can be used for gardens and green areas, that is, it is also applied in parks, hotels and communities. This is because they are areas where contact with green spaces is achieved.


So by eliminating insect pests we are going to protect the garden of our home, a hotel or the community. Keep in mind that pests can also be dangerous for animals, so you have to take great care of this detail.

Phytosanitary treatments for regulated pests

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The phytosanitary treatment service in Palma de Mallorca is responsible for eliminating any pest that may be in the garden of our home, a hotel or a community. But for you to understand better, we are going to know the pests that can be eliminated with phytosanitary treatments:

Red palm weevil : these are insects that feed on the juices of the plants, for this they stick a sucking beak and absorb the saliva of the leaves, buds, stems and cocoon.

Processionary – This is quite a dangerous pest as it seriously damages foliage, weakens trees and gives way to many other opportunistic pests. This means that if we do not treat it in time, it will seriously damage the plants in our garden.

Invasive species : the presence of invasive species can be fatal for a garden, because they alter the ecosystem of the same. As a result of this, its diversity is gradually being lost.

Insects – Regarding insects there are many that are considered pests and can seriously damage a plant. An example of this are aphids, caterpillars, red spiders, etc.



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