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Maintenance of Gardens in Mallorca

TECNOJARDÍ, among other services, is dedicated to the maintenance of gardens and green spaces that range from hotel complexes to small and beautiful private mediterranean gardens.

We have qualified and multidisciplinary staff who will advise you and take care of the needs of your garden so that it presents an optimal appearance.

Maintenance services are personalized and specific to each client and range from regular visits to sporadic tune-ups, depending on the needs of each garden.

Garden maintenance in Mallorca is undoubtedly a task that can be somewhat complicated, keep in mind that taking care of a garden does not only include watering the plants.


This is only a small part of the work, that is, there are many more details to take into account and that is why it is recommended to hire a maintenance company to take care of all the work.

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What are the most common garden maintenance in Mallorca services?

Each maintenance company offers a wide variety of garden care services, all of which are necessary to ensure that all the elements in it are taken care of. So what services can a Mallorca garden maintenance company offer? Here are the tenths:

  • Placement, control, propagation and review of irrigation systems

Keep in mind that this is always important, since it is what guarantees the care of plants, trees, flowers and shrubs. So it is not something that should be overlooked, in fact, this is especially important in the maintenance of gardens in Mallorca communities . That said, remember that experts consider the best times to water your garden to be sunrise or sunset, when the water slowly evaporates.

  • Plant pruning, shrubs, trees and palm trees

Every maintenance company in Mallorca offers among its services the elimination of weeds, since these endanger our garden. That is why we also offer you a weed control and elimination system service.

  • garden subscriber

The fertilization of a garden is important to keep the plants in good condition, especially in late winter and early fall. For this, we offer you subscriber services to improve the quality of the soil and that the plants can receive the necessary nutrients for their care.

  • pest control services

Another service we offer you is pest control, which includes eliminating diseases or parasites that can harm plants and therefore our entire garden. We are a garden and pool maintenance company in Mallorca and we know very well how to control pests.

  • Lawn care and maintenance

Lawn care is important in the maintenance of gardens, since these are public places where many people tend to be. Therefore, one must be careful not to let it grow too much. At the same time, certain care must be applied, such as fertilizing the lawn every four or five weeks, watering with certain frequency, etc.

Garden maintenance company for hotels, communities, shopping centres and private individuals

As a garden design company our services guarantee to offer you the best care of your garden , whether for hotels, communities, shopping centers and obviously individuals. So we have a team of experts who know very well how to carry out their gardening work.


In fact, in addition to tree and shrub pruning, garden maintenance, irrigation system, landscaping, phytosanitary treatment, etc., we also provide you with technical advice so that you can clarify any doubts regarding the maintenance of your garden. Do not wait any longer and contact us to take care of your garden.






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