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Artificial grass installation in Mallorca

The installation of artificial grass is one of the best decisions we can make, since it has multiple advantages. For example, its installation with our professionals allows you to save a lot of time and money.

This is because maintenance is considerably reduced, but there are more advantages that will undoubtedly convince you to hire our artificial grass installation services in Mallorca.

Why get artificial grass in Mallorca with us?

We are professionals at what we do, so you can expect quality service. We help you in absolutely everything so that you do not have any problem with your artificial grass. But there are more reasons to get your artificial grass with us:

  • Speed and efficiency: from the moment you request your budget, we get down to work to send you the price that best suits your needs. At the moment you accept, we send the artificial grass and give you advice.

  • Professional team: to guarantee that you are completely satisfied, we offer you people specialized in the installation of your artificial grass. We try our best to speed up the process to finish the installation in the shortest possible time.

  • Quality work: we maintain high quality standards, so the grass we offer for your garden is one of the best. This way you don't have to worry about making changes for a long time.

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Here we are as gardening lovers as you are, so we use all our knowledge to offer you the best possible service. Our entire team is at your disposal and we are always thinking of you and in the best way to adapt to your needs. We are always evolving and learning in order to satisfy your needs.

Advantages of artificial grass

Natural grass requires a lot of care and if we don't have much time available for it, it can be a real headache. But not only that, but it also involves spending a lot of money. This does not necessarily apply to artificial grass, since the only maintenance we have to do is brush it continuously.

Basically, the maintenance of an artificial grass is much less than in the case of natural grass, which implies saving time and money. Keep in mind that this type of grass can withstand much more than natural grass, so even if we play sports we can do it on it.


Contrary to what happens with natural grass, there is no need for irrigation, nor for it to receive light . In fact, it is not even necessary to maintain a certain temperature or climate to keep it in perfect condition. The fact that it is so resistant is what makes it so popular and that is that just as we mentioned, the care of natural grass takes time and has a high cost.

If everything we have mentioned so far does not convince you, you should know that artificial grass lasts around 10 years . That is, it will be a long time before you have to worry about changing your lawn for a new one.

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